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Our very first project - 01/Blue brought together over 200 artists and creatives from all over the United Kingdom. Together we created a wide range of artwork through collaboration and created an incredible network of artists. A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our first collaborative project. 

We chose "blue" as the theme for our first project as it is closely linked with inspiration, creativity and hope. As creatives ourselves we understand how challenging it has been to create artwork throughout the pandemic and so we wanted to choose a theme everyone could feel inspired by! 

Below you can access the digital archive featuring all still works from creatives that took part in 01/BLUE.

Additionally, the team has curated a digital publication as a further showcase of all the submissions. We hope you enjoy this art book. You can download your copy via our  BuyMeACoffee portal below. Please tag us and share on your socials.

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